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Smile, it's macaque camera! Group wants monkey to own rights to selfies

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Dr. Suess Website for Read Across America Week

BrainPop Jr.


BrainPop Jr. is a database that contains animated educational videos, quizzes, games, and activities for elementary school students in grades Kindergarten through second-grade.  We do not have a site license for student use of BrainPop Jr.  Students can access free content by selecting the Movie of the Week orFree Stuff.

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BrainPop is a database that contains animated educational videos, quizzes, games and activities.  We do not have a site license for student use of BrainPop.  You can access the free content by selecting the Movie of the Day or All the Free Stuff.  Also, there is free digital citizenship content available for teachers.

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Mackin Via eBooks & Database Access

Choose your school, login with your district username and password,  Your student user name is your student number.  Your password was recently reset by your parents.  Then you can view eBooks online and access several databases with one login.

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World Book Online Encyclopedia

World Book Online contains five age specific databases.  Each database contains articles, images, videos, and citations.  The Timelines Database contains a database of timelines and the ability to create and edit original timelines.

 There is no need to log into World Book Online at school.  See Mrs. Urschel for the username and password for home use.  

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CultureGrams Online Database

CultureGrams is an online database of information about places.  This resource includes interactive maps, pictures, articles and videos.

 There is no need to log into CultureGrams at school.  See Mrs. Urschel for the username and password for home use.  

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Discovery Education

 Discovery Education is the district's video streaming service.  It also has the capacity to be used as a Learning Management System. 


Username:  directory (default is the student's student number)

Password:  directory  (default is the student's first initial, last initial, birthday:  as a two digit month, day, and year)

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PebbleGo is a database of online interactive nonfiction articles on animals, science, biographies, social studies and dinosaurs.


We have a site license that allows students to login both at school and at home.  See Mrs. Urschel for the User Name and Password.