Ni Hao! From Chinese Class   
Ni Hao!  Greetings from the Chinese classroom!  We are very excited to see familiar and new faces after a long summer break.  We would like to keep our parents and families informed about the Chinese curriculum at Chinook Trail.  In August 2007, Chinook Trail launched the first Chinese program beginning from kindergarten in the Pikes Peak area.  Our students have enjoyed many lessons and activities from the "BetterChinese" curriculum since then, which is an international award-winning curriculum.  BetterChinese curriculum has been used by many public schools, private schools and Chinese schools in the United States, and it is designed particularly for students growing up in the United States.  Authentic and culturally-rich content is embedded in the curriculum.  The lessons prepare students for real life communication and reflect National Foreign Language Standards. 
BetterChinese curriculum has a multimedia website, .  The exciting aspect of the BetterChinese curriculum is that all content of the lessons is online.  It provides a great learning environment for the students and parents at home. The online curriculum not only covers the text but also includes magical Chinese characters, fun stories, song and rhymes, and homework exercises.  We would like to encourage our parents to subscribe to the BetterChinese online curriculum at home to maximize the benefits of learning.  The fee for online subscription is $40 per year and the annual subscription ends on August 31 of every year. 
It has been a wonderful and rewarding experience to share the Chinese language and culture with your kids.  We also encourage our students to share what they have learned with the parents at home.  The reinforcement of learning at home is important to mastering a language.  We truly appreciate your support of our Chinese program, and look forward to making learning Chinese fun and meaningful for our students at Chinook Trail. 
Deling Maxon and Jen Pan