PBIS Matrix

 PBIS Matrix – Chinook Trail

Indoor Recess
Give Your Best
Respect others.
Be kind with your words and actions.
Act as good role models and follow directions.
Use restaurant manners.
Use quiet voices while in the cafeteria.
Follow playground rules.
Students will not pick up or throw things on the playground.
Be team players.
Follow designated gym rules.
Spend only as much time needed.
Maintain respectful behavior.
Follow teacher directions.
Respect Your World
Respect school and personal property.
Keep hands and feet to self.
Clean up after yourself.
Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
Take only what you will eat.
Sit at grade level tables.
Use playground equipment correctly and safely.
Share and take turns using equipment. 
Ask adult to retrieve equipment outside of the playground.
 All playground equipment will be returned to designated areas.
Use sports equipment properly, correctly and safely.
Share and take turns.
Return equipment according to teacher directions.
Ask permission to leave the gym.
Use the facilities properly.
Put trash where it belongs.
Keep your hands and feet to self.
Sit in appointed classroom area.
Use activities correctly.
Share and take turns.
Clean up after yourself.
Own Your Choices
Work quietly.
Do not disturb others.
Use walking feet.
Raise your hand for assistance.
Stay with the menu choice you have selected each morning.
Know and follow playground rules.  “Rock, Paper, Scissors” will be used to resolve conflict.
Use appropriate words and actions.
Demonstrate good sports-
Use appropriate words and actions.
Wash your hands after using the restroom.
Be polite and attentive.
Play quietly.
Follow classroom rules.
Use appropriate words and actions.
Work Hard
Follow specific teacher directions.
 Walk directly to their destination.
Stay seated until you have been excused by lunch room monitors.
Be team players.
Follow directions.
Give your best efforts.
Follow teacher directions.
Follow directions.
Play fairly.
Be a team player.
Listen Care-fully
Listen Carefully.
Students are quiet in the hallways.
Follow directions from lunch room monitors.
Line up at signal.  Remain within sight of the adult and playground. Enter and exit playground only with permission from the playground monitors.
Listen and line up to the appropriate signal.
Listen carefully to teacher directions.
Keep your voices off.
Sit quietly and politely.
Use indoor voices.