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Sarah Cyr
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5/18/2018Angela Miller; Misty Mendenhall
Hi there.  I am Julia and Jonathan Sudduth's Dad. Is there still a chance left to be a DOGS dad this year?  I am pretty flexible on dates.  Also, I believe I have already filled out the background check, etc. already, but it was a couple of years ago. 719-359-0070.
5/1/2018Renee Castro
5/1/2018Renee Castro
I'm requesting to be a Dog Dad for 1/2 day (0830 - 1230) on Tuesday, May 1st in Mrs. Castro's class.  Thank you for your help!
5/9/2018Kelsea Argenbright; Christina Helton
For Jayden and McKenna Riberdy
4/26/2018Rania Craddock
5/8/2018Angela Miller
I am available 5/3, 5/8 and 5/9
5/8/2018Sidney Hough
Coordinated with Teacher that this is the best day to volunteer.  My son asked for a D day and I believe this date is a D day.  If not, I would like to reschedule to a D day the same week.
Christina Helton; Janilee Nader
Just about any day in May should work.  Thank you!
4/19/2018Jennifer Williams; Kimberly Brokate
I also have an IEP meeting with Lyla at 1:15 that day.
4/17/2018Tina Gradisar
I'm requesting to be a Dog Dad for 1/2 day (~0830-1230).
4/13/2018Sarah Cyr
Kaden Thompson’s dad.
5/4/2018Christina Helton; Janilee Nader
1/2 day with Taylor Alexander morning, 1/2 day with Madison Alexander afternoon if possible. Thanks so much,
4/6/2018Sidney Hough; Sarah Cyr
Hi, I would like to split this up into a half day with each student. Mrs. Hough in the AM & Cyr in the PM.
4/5/2018Kevin Beck; Erin Nauman
Samantha Lesh - Mrs. Nauman;  Connor Lesh - Mr. Beck
3/21/2018Christina Helton
3/2/2018Laura Schaller; Misty Mendenhall
My children are Ava, (Schaller 2nd), and Cade (Mendenall - 4th) Schneider.  I would like to split the day up among them.
2/23/2018Erin Nauman; Christina Helton
Reece and Beau Shenuk, other requested date is the 2/22
2/21/2018Jennifer Williams; Janilee Nader; Sidney Hough
For Jeremiah (4-W), Kaylee (2-N), and Lucas Hein (K-H). Can do alternate day of 2/28. Please confirm date. Thanks!
2/12/2018Amy Owens
I would like to support my son's (Clay Shetler) class as much as possible during the day.
2/2/2018Christina Helton
Hello, if possible, I am requesting to be a DOG Dad this Friday, Feb 2nd.  My son is Xavier Petrosky in Mrs. Helton's 4th grade class.  Thank you for your consideration.   Kindest regards, Joseph Petrosky
2/12/2018Barb Pecorano
For my daughter, Victoria Shawl's class. 
2/15/2018Kevin Beck
2/7/2018Renee Castro
2/23/2018Barb Pecorano
2/16/2018Laura Schaller
Any day the week ending 02/16/18 works for me, but my preference is for Friday if that works for Mrs. Schaller. Please contact me at (I could swear this form used to ask for an email address) to verify the volunteer date. Thank you! Oh, children I'm volunteering for are Fiona Last, Eric Last, Lana Last, and Nathan Last. All four are in Mrs. Schaller's 2nd grade class. Thanks again!
2/26/2018Kimberly Brokate
2/20/2018Charis Johnson
excited for my first DOG day
5/4/2018Amy Owens; Charis Johnson
I would like to split half of my day between my two daughter's classrooms (Ainsley - Ms. Johnson - 1st grade; Hayley - Ms. Owens - 3rd grade).  It doesn't really matter which is in the morning or afternoon, although I'd like to be able to spend time with both of them at lunchtime.
4/6/2018Amy Owens; Charis Johnson
I would like to split the day between Ms. Owens (Hayley) and Ms. Johnson (Ainsley).
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