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     At Chinook, all students experience the joy of learning to read music and

play instruments.  Students meet the Colorado Music Education Standards

as they sing, dance, create music, learn about music composers, and are introduced to various musical styles and cultures.  Students learn to perform

on instruments beginning with rhythm instruments and bells in the primary

grades and progressing to Baroque recorders, guitars, ukuleles, steel drums, piano keyboards, and band instruments in the upper grades.  All students 

are involved in the presentation of a musical performance each year, and 

every student has a special, individual part in the performance.  In addition, Chinook students are invited to participate in extracurricular music activities which include band, choir, and the All-State Colorado Elementary Choir.


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    My name is Brenda Clark, and I am the music teacher at Chinook 

Trail!  Below are photos of my wonderful family!IMG_5053 - Copy.JPG

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  So far my life journey has included a wonderful husband, four 

children, twelve years in overseas mission work and over 

twenty-five years of teaching in New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado. 

It is a joy for me to now share life with the wonderful Chinook staff  

and students.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at brenda.clark@asd20.org or use the "Email Me" link


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Recorder Songs to Play
Colorado Music Education Standards
Learn about instruments and make your own.
Local Music Store Resource
Video showing value of music education to the brain.
Local Music Store Resource
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Band 2018 Information and Enrollment Form.pdf
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Chinook Choir 2018 Enrollment Form.pdf
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