Who do I contact for further questions regarding the BYOD program?

​Koryn Kessler

koryn.kessler@asd20.org   Digital Learning Coach at Chinook Trail Elementary School

Do I have to purchase a device for my student?

​It is the goal of Chinook Trail to offer learning opportunities that enrich our student's educational day. Access to digital tools and devices pave the way for these meaningful opportunities. However, students will have access to school devices while they are at school, if you choose not to send a device from home. 

What sort of web surfing controls are in place?

Any device that connects to district Wi-Fi is managed by a district filter that controls internet surf content. 

My child has many games on their device, how will you prevent them from playing them at school?

Through diligent supervision, classroom management and support of staff and peers. Students are taught through direct instruction and create a culture of learning with their devices. It is of great help to us as a staff if you place all ‘at home games’ in a folder on your child’s device.

How does Chinook Trail handle the safety and security of the devices?

​All devices are locked inside the classroom when students are staff are not present.  However, it ultimately up to your student to be responsible and care for their device. 

How often are the devices used during each school day?

​ Depending on the day, students might utilize their device more frequently than others. Teachers strive to choose the right tool to facilitate the best learning environment for students.